Wellness at Work! Turn your desk into a scared work space

It is important to have a serene work environment to feel content, connected and fulfilled, since this is the place where we spend most of our time.

The physical space “our desk” that we work at also needs to resonate well-being. When you thing about what your really surrounded with it will make you realize that crystals in the workspace just seem right! The proper furnishings will assist with the removal of cyber “static” which is found in the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) coming from our computers, cell phones and other machines.

It’s important that your workspace is created to be more conducive to focusing and using crystals for productivity is great. The main goal is to begin bringing balance back to your work life and so the productivity flows!

Black Tourmaline

This is the top stone for cleansing cyber smog. Keep one near your computer and cell phone to effectively eliminate all electromagnetic waves. This crystal is especially famous for transforming negativity to positivity, thus it’s very efficient in the workplace for creating a sense of empowerment and mental clarity (especially for anyone working in a challenging field).
Black Tourmaline can activate the Root Chakra, our first chakra, since it is a grounding stone. Its electrical nature not only awakens the first and following chakras but also our three energy channels, allowing for a complete sense of balanced power.

Here is what your looking for.



The stone of success, Citrine also aids in finding your true purpose in life. It specifically opens the Sacral Chakra, our second chakra – the seat of creativity and immagination, allowing you to manifest your dreams into reality. This stone helps attract more joy and success to aid in finding your path and being successful at it.

Here is what your looking for.


Tiger’s Eye

This stone helps keep things flowing and focused. Very effective in eliminating the scattered brain, Tiger’s Eye allows us to make confident decisions. In fact, it works from your power center, the Solar Plexus (or third chakra), the seat of self-esteem and confidence.
On a monetary level, the name itself resonates the nature of vision: guiding the direction towards profits in your business endeavours.

Here is what your looking for.

Green Aventurine

This is a stone staple for any business you’re in since we all need money to live. Opening the Heart Chakra (fourth chakra) opens us up to our worth in receiving luck and prosperity.
Green Aventurine also neutralizes stress and anxiety from work, allowing us to keep calm. We need to keep calm and positive in order to attract the success we seek. Keep it in your pocket, purse or desk drawer.
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A beautiful aqua-green colored stone, this Peruvian pebble is good for eating up cyber smog (electromagnetic fields). Amazonite has other positive effects on the work environment.
The color and nature of the Amazonite stone stimulate the Throat Chakra (fifth chakra), contributing to effective communication and integrity with co-workers, especially those of the opposite sex. The stone eliminates gender differences by balancing the yin and yang (male and female) energies.
 Here is what your looking for.

Amethyst Cluster

The purple color of Amethyst resonates with the Third Eye (sixth chakra), working on a high vibrational plane. This allows us to see things objectively so we don’t get so wrapped up in emotions.
In the cluster form, Amethyst represents a sense of community and can bring harmony to any who work with a team. Place it as the centerpiece for your next meeting or near the screen for a conference call. With its high vibrational field, it is also effective in absorbing electromagnetic waves from computers.
 Here is what your looking for.


A long-loved Crown Chakra stone, Selenite is a must in the workplace as a master cleansing stone. This crystal clears any bad energy circulating around your body or the office, and helps eliminate stress.
In particular, Selenite works as a guidance stone, allowing you to make the right choices by listening to your intuition or “spirit guides.” Helpful especially for people who are easily annoyed or are sensitive to outside surrounding energy.

Here is what your looking for.

When you think about other effective stones like jade, moss agate, ruby, garnet, and quartz you will find great options for increasing mental clarity and productivity in the workplace.

Remember to Enjoy bringing balance to your space and do some research color therapy. Incorporate stones you already have, and you’ll likely discover that they offer benefits similar to my list above.
Also keep in mind that each stone works on one or more of our chakras, so you can tailor your selection according to a certain chakra that might be off balance. Finally, further exploration in feng shui and the distribution of living and working space can also benefit your productivity levels.
Enjoy decorating your space with a variety of beautiful crystals that can complement and stimulate your surroundings both visually and energetically! Have any personal favorite crystals, or have any questions about finding the right one for you? Please reach out in the comments below.

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