Everyone should get STONED (Crystal Healing)

Millennials say gemstones don’t just look cute on T-shirts — they also offer a flexible, inclusive spiritual practice. But does it go past these young hyspters?

Demand for crystals has surged in recent years, fueled by celebrity endorsements and a New Age resurgence in major cities and the fashion and beauty industries. Crystals have been a “mounting trend” on Etsy over the last decade. However, using crystals for healing purposes  date back thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, quartz, and topaz to anoint the tombs of the dead and to wear as jewelry and protective amulets. Ancient Greek soldiers used hematite as protection before battle and amethyst to fend off hangovers, some lore claims; in other practices like Ayurveda, gems like sapphires and rubies are linked to righteousness and vitality. The current market for crystals, however, was reborn nearly 40 years ago: In the ’70s and late ’80s, the New Age movement — a collection of holistic-based therapies and philosophies that emphasized self-healing — brought crystals into the limelight.

So what is crystal healing? Why use it?

Lets start with a bit of foundation knowledge first. Our bodies are made of energy and different crystals posses different levels of energy. It is exciting to be a holistic health practitioner in todays time becuass research over the last few hundred years has revealed that everything in our entire universe is made up of energy. Even solid objects, like a piece of furniture or the hair on your head, are really just vibrations of energy at the most fundamental levels. It may not look like it to your eye, but healing crystals and the cells in your body are made up of the same kind of energy.

Scientists have already figured out how to use the energy inherent in crystals for all kinds of things like keeping time using small quartz crystals in your watch or creating the electronic components to your computer and smartphone. Whether you realize it or not, the energetic properties of healing crystals and stones are widely used in our modern technology. The ruby laser is a solid-state laser that uses a ruby crystal. The first working laser was a ruby laser made by Theodore H. “Ted” Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories on May 16, 1960.

We even use crystals in our medications. Many pharmaceuticals are made by grinding up minerals that form inside of healing crystals. Even though our culture has several uses for the energetic properties of crystals, we have neglected to standardize their use in energetic healing.

Just like magnets use energy to attract or repel, healing stones crystals use energy in the same way. When you place certain crystals over certain parts of your body, your energy transforms, vibrates, pulses, moves and shifts in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystal.

Crystals can alleviate stress, boost creativity, cure disease, raise levels of consciousness and enhance psychic powers in areas such as divination and dowsing. You can use crystals to heal everything from migraines to anxiety and beyond. Healing crystals can also accelerate your meditation practices, align your 7 chakras and even induce trance states under the right conditions.

Each crystal offers it’s own unique metaphysical and healing properties. By getting familiar with these properties, even the beginner can select which stones will address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues or benefits they are looking for. Learn which healing crystals can benefit your health, improve your life and attract what you desire. There’s no limit to the types or level of healing you can get from the right crystal or stone in the right application.

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