Why is Chakra balancing so important?

The word “chakra” is often mentioned in metaphysical circles and implicated in healing practices.  What exactly does this mean?  The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.”  The chakras in the body are wheels of energy, which vary in activity levels, depending on what we are experiencing in our lives.

There are seven major chakras, or energy centers of the body.  These energy centers are located on the midline of the body and correspond with every aspect of our being.  Our chakras tell a story about our relationship with ourselves, others and the world around us.  When we feel vibrant, happy and supported, our chakras are open and balanced. When we feel depleted, sad, or disconnected, our chakras are more blocked or unbalanced.

When they are out of balance/alignment, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. We may find that we are illness- or accident-prone, or that our lives are unhappy, unsatisfying, or chaotic. Thus a out of balance chakra can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Many beginners who are new to the idea of Chakra balancing mistakenly believe that means “opening the Chakras”. But just like anything else in your life, the key is balance, meaning not too much, and not too little.

The Chakras transmit and recieve energy, which is translated into psychic, emotional and physical energy, too much or too little can affect the way you think, act and feel; for instance, too little energy flowing through the Heart Chakra could be translated into a selfish and “hard hearted” personality, and too much energy flowing through the Heart Chakra could be translated into a “bleeding heart”, someone who’s compassion and generosity can easily be taken advantage of. You may actually find that closing or shielding a Chakra actually provides more psychic and emotional relief than opening it.

Another concept most beginners don’t understand, or may even reject, is that we are not alone, either as individuals, or as a human race, and that wide open Chakras are a primary source for energy vampires, both the ones we can see, or the ones we can not see, to attach to us. Unconscious or unevolved beings can, and will, attach to us to use our energy, manipulate our thoughts and emotions (in order to produce the energy they prefer). This is why closing or covering your Chakras is just as important as opening your Chakras. Discovering the optimum balance between openess to outside and Universal energy, and maintaining our own energetic boundaries, is the goal of Chakra balancing. Being “One with the Universe” may be the ultimate spiritual goal, but first, you need to learn to differentiate between yourSelf, the Universe, and “others” (who may not be as spiritually evolved as you, and will only drain you, if you are open to their energetic influence).

Chakra balancing, in concert with other techniques, often provides a great deal of emotional healing and spiritual healing and can help prevent physical disease, too. I would like to mention my book Omni-Rejuvenation at this point. Becuase it teaches my method of healing utilizing multiple healing modalities at one time. (Of course, if you have a serious physical or mental health concern you should seek the care of a physician or mental health professional.)

Many energy healers will spend a considerable amount of their time with you healing the chakras: opening, balancing, aligning and energizing them. A professional energy healing can be good not only for balancing the chakras, but also for you to get a feel for your own chakras.

But there are also many techniques that you yourself can use for chakra balancing. Keep in mind that the way to make any energy-work method effective is to do it mindfully, with sacred intention to heal. In other words, it’s the intention rather than the exact method that’s important.

For me as a holistic health practitioner, I choose to use my Omni – Rejuvenation approach. It not only works with the chakras but allows for a more cohesive treatment and my clients have a complete / “total” response to the treatment.

Want to give chakra balancing a try on your own? Here is a healing method for chakra balancing. You can do it with your hands directly on your body, or a few inches above your body.

  • Lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Spend some time belly-breathing and take a few minutes to ground and center.
  • Set an intention for balancing and aligning your chakras.
  • Place one hand on your first chakra (you can put your hand either on or in the air above your groin), and one hand on your second chakra.
  • Hold your hands in this position until you feel the energy equalize or until you start to feel it pulse in a patterned way (e.g. in unison or regularly back and forth), or until you get some other indication (such as just knowing) that the two chakras are balanced. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything or don’t get some other indication that the chakras are balanced. Just hold your hands on the two chakras for a minute or so, or until you feel that it’s time to move on. Your intention to balance them will do the work.
  • Move your hands to your second and third chakras and repeat the balancing.
  • Move your hands to the third and fourth and repeat. And so on.
  • After you’ve balanced the last two chakras, take a little while to enjoy the feeling. Being familiar with the feeling of having your chakras in balance will help you recreate the state whenever you need to throughout the day.
  • Get up and drink a glass of water. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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