Why use the Power of I Am

You ARE the light of the world. What you proclaim through your verbalizations of I AM exposes, illuminates and clearly reveals the underlying cause which initiates the creative process, producing EVERY event, condition and circumstance in YOUR life just as you proclaim and “believe” it will…without fail and with unwavering certainty.

What is this creative power of I AM and equally as important how exactly can you begin to consciously and intentionally utilize it in YOUR life to begin experiencing your fondest dreams and desires?

Once we understand The Power Of I AM we become quite enlightened. This small bit of awareness will certainty assist you in your self empowerment and empower you to begin creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life is available to all but that far too few have the good fortune or the awareness to experience.

The Power Of I AM and the crucial role it plays in every aspect of your life will serve as another tool in your arsenal of knowledge which if applied will enable and empower you to begin “consciously, purposefully and intentionally” charting your course and experiencing “good fortune” in every area of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

So how is it that the words I AM determine, affect and alter your physical experience?

When you begin to become aware of the words which follow I AM in your day to day interactions, you will begin to see how it all interlocks together.

The underlying thoughts and beliefs which serve as the source for your spoken words can become easily make or break us. So to recognize and adjusted if necessary will allow you  to harmonize your life.

We all have been given this right of free will to think, speak and act in any way that WE choose. (You choose)

What is it that you are claiming for yourself?

Is it…

I AM always broke

I AM sick and tired


What you have thought, spoken and acted upon at some point in the past is being played out…in your life…today…in the here and now.

If what you are currently experiencing are “less than desired” outcomes, it is only due to what you have been asking for whether that asking is being done “consciously” or “unconsciously.”

One vitally important place to become “conscious” of is what it might be that you are proclaiming yourself to be. What are you verbalizing? What commands are you projecting? What words follow I AM?

To begin creating different results it’s necessary to change the thoughts, beliefs, words and actions that serve as “the seed” and have created those conditions. For every creation there is a seed…a cause.

The key for many is first of all to become aware of the words that you speak which follow I AM. This can prove to be a valuable clue in determining what “seeds” you are planting.

If you are not creating and experiencing the “desired” outcomes you merely need to become conscious of and shift the mindset of your perceptions with regard to “reality” and your reality will take on new form.

What follows the words I AM serve as the barometer with regard to what you are thinking and believing at some level which in turn determines what will be experienced in YOUR life.

When you become “aware” of the fact that you can choose the outcome and begin to consciously, intentionally and purposefully changing the creative seeds which are producing the harvest, or not.

It’s ALL about choice. It’s ALL about free will. It’s ALL about energy.

The Power Of I AM will become clearly evident to you once you make the choice to become “conscious of” and shift the I AM’s that are “unconsciously” being projected negatively and change them to positivity that you will see your desired outcomes which are now able to be positive and uplifting. Now allowing you to Align and Harmonize what you are claiming for yourself through the Power Of I AM and with what you have the “conscious desire” to experience inevitably you will begin to see those desires fulfilled in your physical world.

Become Conscious Of What You Are Creating Through “I AM” And You’ll Have Discovered Yet Another “Secret” To Experiencing Harmony And Fulfillment In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life.

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2 thoughts on “Why use the Power of I Am”

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