Ego vs. Soul

Over the last year, I’ve developed a keen interest in meditation and developing my intuition. I learned that through practicing meditation my awareness in the present moment grew and my ability to tune into what I’m thinking and feeling also grew. The more I took time to get to know “self” the more I decided to meditate on it. I’ve learned to experience meditation as a form of connection to spirit.

Now what is EGO?

As I meditated and let the question incubate in my mind, it became clearer to me that ego, is obviously very much what the definition states. The ego is the conscious mind that acts out of need and desire. The ego voice in our heads criticizes self (and everyone else) like it gets paid a bonus for it. It uses harsh treatment under the cover of ‘tough love’ as a way to ‘motivate’ you to do what it wants you to do. And what it tell you to do rarely has anything to do with helping you live your dreams.

Now the Spirit

Spirit, as I have come to know it, is the connection to your source or soul at its deepest and purest level. Prayer and meditation help to strengthen the connection between your soul and your emotions, actions and reactions. Action that is generated from spirit comes from the purest, most honest place within you. It is action the leads with love without attachment to outcome. Your real intuitive voice is unconditionally loving, supportive, and encouraging. Your Higher Self never criticizes you. Ever. It always treats you and everyone else with loving kindness and consideration. If you catch yourself being critical of yourself or others, this is a huge red flag!

As I continue to grow my meditation practice and experience the beautiful benefits of meditation, I’m delighted to strengthen the link between my spirit and my actions. It feels good to act out of love from this place because actions are genuine and peaceful and full of honest intention to increase the good in the world.

So, the next time you’re struggling to see, hear, and feel the answer or guidance that’s right for you, stop and ask yourself…

“Which voice am I paying the most attention to and taking advice from?”

Remember that you get to choose which voice inside you leads and guides your life. You have the ability to chose empowerment over fear. I hope you will increase your connection to spirit too, because you can!

3 thoughts on “Ego vs. Soul”

  1. Faith did you write that?? I’m guessing you did, and talk about nailing it on the head GOOD JOB!!! I haven’t forgotten about the box either it will be coming before end of the month I promise!!


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