Ideas for an Ultimate Play Date with Snack Ideas

Working at home often leads to need for adult conversations and so play dates are not just good for the kiddos, but often much needed adult time for the parents. The title play date is very yester-year so lets call them “Mom Dates”. I know that I enjoy the opportunity to socialize with my mom friends just as much as my children enjoy visiting with theirs. My son might be 7 now, but I still have a hard time scheduling “ME TIME” as a working mompreneur who also happens to be a single mother. Play dates can be laid back or thoughtfully planned out. Many times I arrange to meet at the lake, playground, or bike path. Both moms typically pack snacks to share because we find that our kids usually prefer what the other mom is bringing. Other times I enjoy collaborating on something fun to do at home so the organization doesn’t all fall on one mom. Below are some tried and true fun play date and snack ideas that are guaranteed to bring loads of fun for both mom and children!

Making Tie-Dye Shirts

Activities :: My kids still talk about this, and we’ve done this play date twice already. It is messy, but that’s how memories are made, right? I usually lay out a disposable table cloth and do this activity outdoors. The downfall to this activity is that the kids won’t get to see each other’s creation since it requires that the shirts set over night. Photos of the shirts can be sent via text message so that they can admire each other’s handiwork. Pairing this craft with a simple daisy ribbon headband for the girls would be such a groovy compliment to your psychedelic shirts.

Snacks :: Since the shirt and headbands are time consuming, I would keep the snacks simple like cheese, crackers, and pepperoni slices with fresh fruit salad.

Chalk Art Fun

Activities :: This is a perfect play date activity to get the kids outdoors during the evenings or cooler weather. Buy a large bucket of chalk, show the kids some cool sidewalk chalk inspirations on Pinterest, and challenge them to create their own or recreate one that they like. Have the kids pose in their creation for the perfect photo op. Wanting to add in an educational element? Here are some great chalk ideas for that too!

Snacks :: The kids can cool off with a sundae ice-cream bar. The individual sized cups are perfect for little ones, and make sure to provide a few ice-cream topping choices for them to pick from. The kids will then add their own whipped cream, hot fudge, and toppings directly into their cups. Moms can sit in the shade and sip margaritas while the kids create!

Baking Bash

Activities :: This is my ultimate Mom Date/Play Date activity! You can choose to make cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, drop cookies, or cake pops. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on this activity. I typically choose 2-3 different drop cookie recipes since there isn’t a long wait time for the finished product. I love the cookie recipes that I get from food.com. Little ones love to help add ingredients and scoop the cookie dough by hand. And the older ones can do the majority of the recipe – only aided by mom with putting the cookie trays in and out of the oven. A fun craft activity would be to let the kids decorate plain kids aprons from your local hobby store with fabric markers and then let them wear it to bake in the kitchen.

Snacks :: Cookies and baked goods, obviously. Those go great with ice-cold milk for kids and coffee for moms!

Moon Sand Soiree

Activities :: Moon sand {also known as Kinetic Sand} holds any shape that it’s molded in and will ooze as it’s squeezed. Making moon sand is equally fun as actually playing in it – and this is my go to moon sand recipe that I use with my kids. My advice is to make sure that you purchase fine play sand and be prepared for it to get messy. Definitely do this activity outdoors because the kids won’t be able to contain their excitement and sand will be everywhere. There will be a wait time in between making the moon sand and being able to use it. I suggest setting up the water sprinkler or having a water activity for the kids to play in to help wash off some of the sand.

Snacks :: Lemonade or homemade popsicles will be the perfect treat for everyone!

Tea Party

Activities :: Tea parties are fun play dates for both boys and girls. My son enjoys drinking tea and eating pastries just as much as my daughter. Home Goods has a great selection of teacups and saucers for just a few dollars each. Boys can make simple felt bow ties to wear and the girls {including the moms} can make fancy headbands for the tea party as their craft activity.

Snacks :: I definitely recommend picking up a variety of pastries from a local bakery or grocery store to save time from having to make them yourself. Remember, the key is to keep it simple. Homemade crustless peanut butter or turkey sandwiches sliced into triangles and freshly cut fruits make a great tea party addition. I usually serve hot tea for the adults and have a separate teapot filled with iced lemonade tea in case the kids don’t like hot tea.

Indoor Camping

Activities:: Set up some fun tents for a little indoor camping, set up a place to tell stories, have your picnic lunch ready and This flameless firepit is so adorable it can be used as a decoration anytime or as your source to fire during your camping trip. Then to end the camping bash you have to have s’mores .

Snack:: Kiddie Kabobs. The Lineup: Chicken nuggets, broccoli, baby carrots Make It: Thaw nuggets and precook carrots in microwave for 2 minutes so they’re easy to slide onto skewers. Serve with: Ranch dressing ….AND We don’t need a fire for those delicious s’mores – make them in the oven!  via Domestic Mommyhood

I love the moments I get to share with my kids and our friends. What are some of your favorite play date ideas ?

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