Program your Reality with Affirmations

You have the power to program your reality, why are you not doing it? The reality is that we all have the ability to program our minds into believing a stated concept. This is because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or fantasy.  Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.

What you think, say, or feel becomes your reality.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality”

 — Earl Nightingale

Programming your reality can be as simple as figuring out the right affirmations and then putting them to work! People use affirmations for a variety of purposes. Generally speaking, affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or about the world and our place within it. They are also used to help us create the reality we want—often in terms of making (or attracting) wealth, love, beauty, and happiness.

Did you know there is a great value in affirmations of this nature, because our subconscious mind plays a major role in the actualization of our lives and the manifestation of our desires. What we believe about ourselves at a subconscious level, can have a significant impact on the outcome of events. (Want to know more about that look up Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.)

At the simplest level, when we feel good about ourselves and have a positive attitude, our lives tend to run smoothly. Proponents of the “law of attraction” often refer to this is as raising our vibration such that when our vibration is positive, positive things—such as financial abundance, love, and renewed health—are magnetically drawn to us.

On the other hand when we feel bad about ourselves and have a negative attitude, we tend to engage in self-defeating behaviors which may cause negative outcomes, like financial mishap, interpersonal drama, or acute or chronic illness.

And, on a much more pragmatic level, recent scholarship from a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon suggests that self-affirmations actually buffer stress and improved problem-solving performance in under-performing and chronically stressed individuals.

Fine now what? You might be thinking What, Exactly, Are Affirmations (What do they look like?)

Affirmations are an effective way to install positive messages into your subconscious. Affirmations are simply statements that are designed to create self-change in the individual using them. They can serve as inspiration, as well as simple reminders. They also can serve to focus attention on goals throughout the day, which, in and of itself, has the potential to promote positive and sustained self-change.

The step that causes most people to falter with the Affirmation process is this..People are so deeply bound by what they feel in them and so they feel silly writing or saying something that they actually don’t yet believe—at least at a conscious level—is true. But remember, the purpose behind affirmations is to rewrite your subconscious mind.

Many holistic traditions suggest that if you act as if something is true, if you experience the feelings associated with the outcome that you want, the more likely it is for the outcome to materialize. That is, if you believe that you are attractive and sexy, you will automatically engage in the behaviors associated with that (heightened self care), which will help you to attain your goals.

Here are some TIPS to writing your Affirmations!

Effective Affirmations are Written in First Person. Begin your affirmations with the “I” or “I am….” These types of statements turn affirmations into statements of identity. Identity statements are powerful motivators for self-change. Examples of I statements would be, “I am secure and confident speaking in public,” “I enjoy eating healthy food,” “I love exercise,” “I am a loving and compassionate person.”

Affirmations Are Written in the Positive (as Opposed to the Negative).Always state your affirmations in the positive. So, for example, instead saying, “I no longer enjoy the taste of cigarettes,” you might say, “I am completely free from cigarettes,” or “I am a healthy person and I love the way my body feels when I make healthy choices.”

Affirmations Have an Emotional Charge. Infuse your affirmations with feeling. Using emotional words in affirmations is important, because of the deep association we have between emotion words and somatic experiences. So instead of saying, “I spend time with my aging parents,” try: “I feel such love and gratitude spending time with my mother and father.” Or instead of “I only eat healthy food,” which sounds suspiciously chore-like, try: “I feel vibrant and alive when I make healthy choices for me.”

Affirmations are Written in the Present State. Write your affirmations as if they are already happening. This means affirming, “I am happy and confident,” instead of “Two months from now, I will be happy and confident.” Or “I am sexy and attractive,” as opposed to, “When I lose these last ten pounds, I will be sexy and attractive.”

Once you’ve come up with a set of affirmations, you must use them. In order to be effective, affirmations must be used daily—at a minimum.

Some recommendations suggest that you do affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Others recommend putting your affirmations on note cards and leaving them in plain sight: such as on your bathroom mirror, the steering wheel on your car, your computer monitor, or in your purse or wallet.

Different people also have different modes of using affirmations.

Some suggest that writing affirmations down on a daily basis is useful, because the act of writing something out is another mechanism through which the affirmation becomes part of the unconscious mind.

Others simply read or repeat affirmations from a list, a stack of cards, or most recently, from smart phone apps. Indeed, there are a number of phone apps for purchase that come pre-stocked with affirmations related to health, wealth, and relationships. Using apps like Affirmable may also be better than pen and paper methods because 1) you’ll always have them with you and 2) you can program your phone to remind you to do them once, or several, times a day.

I wrote a book that is great for you to read with your children to help them but at the same time help yourself with getting over the fear or embarrassment of saying the affirmations out loud. Click here to get your copy –> I Have the Power to Grow: Affirmations for Young & Old 


Samples for you to review.


  • I further my career with every action I take.
  • I have my dream job.
  • I love every day that I work.
  • My career brings me closer to my family.
  • My job brings me financial abundance.
  • My coworkers love being around me.
  • My boss values the work I do.
  • I am a valued employee.
  • My clients appreciate and value my work.
  • I attract new clients every day.


  • I radiate love and others reflect love back to me.
  • I am loving and lovable.
  • I am attractive.
  • My romantic relationship is healthy, long-lasting and full of love.
  • My partner is kind, compassionate and understanding.
  • My partner is very physically and spiritually attracted to me.
  • I am with my soulmate and we share a life full of love.
  • Life is full of love and I find it everywhere I go.
  • My relationship is divine, and my partner and I are perfectly matched.


  • Each day of my life is filled with joy and love.
  • I am enthusiastic about every second of my life.
  • Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting.
  • I am a beacon of love and compassion.
  • Everyone sees how much joy and love I have for life.
  • I crave new, healthy experiences.
  • All of my relationships are positive and filled with love and compassion.
  • I see others as good people who are trying their best.
  • I find opportunities to be kind and caring everywhere I look.
  • I am in love with every cell in my body.
  • I radiate confidence and others respect me.
  • Others find me sexy and desirable.
  • I am filled with excitement when I look in the mirror.
  • I am filled with love, hope and confidence.
  • I greet each second of life with enthusiasm and hope.
  • I am grateful for the life force and energy that runs through my body.
  • Every action I take increases my confidence.
  • Everything I think, say and do makes me healthier.
  • I feel safe and comfortable in my body.

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