Accidentally Amazing Cook

I have set out for 2020 to be my year of change and while each year I set goals, this is the year of experimenting for the greater good.

As you might recall in my last blog I have a self improvement thing going and I am doing quite well with it. Turns out looking deep inside creates magic and joy! Who knew? Actually I did. In my Past life (my 20’s) I was a Holistic Health Partitioner and Life Coach, but in my 30’s I got lost and now at 41 I am using my own lessons in myself.

Ok Faith, but what about cooking!

With a goal to eat clean, low carb, low calories and just experiment with what makes my body feel good I have found at 1600 calories I am happy and can eat and not be hungry. Fantastic but Faith you titled this Accidentally Amazing Cook.

Ok ok ok

So here is what I mean. I hated the kitchen untied I met my friend Sonia owner of Sonia’s Bilingual Kitchen. She showed me how simple it is to cook from scratch and follow a recipe!

So I got on Pinterest in Dec and made a crap ton of boards! I pinned like it was going out of style. Food boards galore.

Then I took a board of what I have tried and liked it what my family has liked. Now that we are eating clean and I am way out of my comfort zone things are amazingly falling together.

For example who doesn’t love pasta? Right!! Well try Spaghetti Squish’s or make Zucchini Noodles. Omg accidentally amazing. Here are my favorite pins / recipes:

Greek Zoodles! Easy, fast, light and you can mix up so many variations for this.

Zucchini Taco Boats Filling, satisfies my inner Taco lover and low carb with low calories. Win Win

Spaghetti Squash (how to cook link here)

Spaghetti Squash Bolognes

Great way to start eating and enjoying Spaghetti Squash. I now get funky with it and top it with just about everything.

Here is my cheat: I weigh and measure everything. I use these recipes as a outline. I calculate calories as I plan the meal and substitute things as needed. I keep all dinners at around 575 calories. My soon to be husband can have more and he just eats a bigger portion than I do. But, I have my smart app that helps me log calories and make smart choices.

Anyways here is a link to my boards on Pinterest. I am no KETO or Palio or G free or this or that… just eating smart and staying accountable!

Some boards are not healthy remember this is a 2 month new deal here!!!

So Faith how has this all worked out for you?

I have lost 1 dress size in 3 weeks and remember I am limited on my activities because of my chest and back injuries from the shooting. So I feel good. I have more energy and seem to be happier! But happy could also be that my man is just amazing and doing this together has kept us both accountable and joyful.

Anyways, that’s my update! I can cook and I am quite amazing at mixing things up in the kitchen in a healthy smart way!

Want to hear more about what I am doing I. The kitchen to lose weight for this wedding… comment ✅

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