Snapping Back Better!

This year I wanted to dig deep and see myself clearly and work on me before I get married to the love of my life.

I have looked at myself as a mother, author, sister, friend, child of God, my flaws and shortcomings. If you read my blog about this years goals I set out for complimenting myself more, making less excuses, letting go of anger and working on forgiveness!

So how’s it going?

Compliments are still small and hard to give but I am giving them. “You did good today with calories” or “You created a great design today” and “Hey girl looking good in those jeans” … that’s about as good as it gets. I am shy believe it or not and so to say things out loud even when I am alone is odd for me. I don’t talk to myself outside of my own inner self. It’s all in my head (funny I know)!

Making less excuses is going ok. I definitely have said NO more to things I don’t want to do and have stopped the making up an excuse. But, I also have stopped with excuses on my own stuff. I set my daily goals and I have been able to keep with them. If I don’t get them done I am accountable and just set them for a date that I can achieve them. When I have my rose colored glasses off and just stay real things are so much simpler.

Letting go of anger is going ok, I guess. I have things that I need to reflect on more and work on. I have held less in and have had less residual energy spent on things I can’t change. But, my mind is constantly going and I seem to over analyze and over think how could I have done differently. I have less anger with myself for my injuries and I am accepting my limitations and not allowing them to become excuses anymore. I am accepting that there are things out of my control and some are just not my place to have an opinion on. It’s funny that I get mad for others who don’t get mad at all. Big one to work on.

Forgiveness not just for others but for myself as well. I moved back to NC last year and being back made me look at my past mistakes and there were a boat load… I had to forgive myself for my wrongs and let them go. I still look at my oldest son and want to cry and hold him and explain life to him. But he has forgiven and so must I.

So what are some of my tools? Well here is the ones I am willing to share with you at this time:

Go to therapy

Read the Bible and go to church

Read self-help books

Journal and see friends who make you laugh!

Here is the book I am reading and love right now⤵️

If you want to know more about what I am doing to get myself ready to be the best me let me know. Comment below!

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