T-shirt rules the day!

So I am reading on the couch, it’s 9 am and my fiancé is at work. I have done my morning mantras, meditation and Yoga. All of the sudden I hear water gurgling throughout the house. (His house)

I walk around to locate the sound. AND OMG water is coming up out of every drain and there are bubbles in the toilet.

Now let’s pause for a second..Remember I am a city girl who has always rented so that I don’t have to deal with this kinda thing. So keep that in mind.. Ok back to the story …

So, I take video and photos to send to my fiancé and well send it to the wrong person in my text area. They reply “lol fish out of water.” Not helpful! Ugh. So I text my Fiancé and mind you he owns his own business and can’t just come home to save me and his house! Soooooo…. he calls and we talk. He tells me to wake his teen son up for help.

While all this is going on I am pushing water around and towels are everywhere. I get the water under control and wake his son. He looks at the situation and states “bubbles” and leaves. Ummm?! Ok!

Well now I am like, this is not my home but I have to save the walls and floors so we don’t get mold.

My fiancé calls back to tell me he has called for help and now will run his boys down and they can come help.

Omg so I look down and see my t-shirt…

So I realize that I am going to be fine and we are fine!!

So now I am laughing at how worried I was and how I could have made this bad, bad ..yet I am letting go and letting God.

I am typing this on my phone and laughing my butt off. I really love Devine interventions! I was about to freak out. Yet poof!! All better, all because my shirt reminded me!!

Do you ever just have that moment?? Comment and let me know your AH HA moment of clarity 📲💜

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