Story of Faith

Poof she was gone. Well, I AM BACK!

Well, Hello again! Yes, I have been off for a long while and I wanted to share with you why. NO no no it is not another COVID story. Actually, this is my continued health story. As many of you know I was shot point-blank in the chest in 2009. The bullet bounced around in my body hitting and mincing all of my major organs before it decided to land in my spine. Ok, Fine. I flatlined for a bit before I was placed on life support. I in time got released from the hospital and have had ups and downs with health for the last 11 years. Well, truth be told I have had my health worsening for the last year or so. That is why I have been on and off of my blog.

So here we are!

What I want to touch on with you and hopefully have the energy to write about is my process of losing weight, improving my gut health, staying away from a colostomy bag, being a mother, being engaged, learning to live on this new plan the doctors gave me and staying positive.

I have begun to write a new book “Joy in the Storm” it will help with understanding self and being joyful even when things get real and real hard.

So all in all I wanted to touch base with you and say I AM BACK! (I hope!)

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