Story of Faith

Jokes on me – Gut Health Struggles Continue

Hi, as many of you know my, name is Faith I, have abdominal adhesions and it sucks. I have spent years with abdominal issues but had bigger things to deal with so, this never was at the top of my list. But I am sure that it should have been.
This weekend all was going good so I thought. I had learned about a low fiber eating style and why it would be good for my body. This rocked my world because my doctor was having me eat high fiber and take fiber in my drinks. So I was doing the opposite of what my body needed. Thursday, I found this out about the fiber. Friday, I cut fiber out and it like opened the systems up. Friday I had 3 nice bowel movements. Good color, consistency and amount. I was so happy. To make it even better, I did not feel my adhesions pull as I had the movements.
Well, Saturday I had one movement and all was ok. So I thought.
Sunday I woke up sick, like body aches and diarrhea. Well, my gosh I was in and out of the bathroom all day and night. Here I am today still running to the bathroom. I laugh at this because all I wanted was to poop and here I am now sick of it.
The point is I obviously did not need the high fiber diet. I now have to rest my system and do this low-fiber plan for a bit to rest my system. Then I am going to have to think about how to slowly reintroduce foods and pay attention as I add them. FODMAP’ish but look I am not a dietician or nutritionist. I don’t have the money for the high paid nutritionist’s as I am on a limited income due to the shooting.

So right now let’s just laugh at the fact I can poooooooooooooop today!

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