Story of Faith

Don’t get me wrong!

I would like to make sure that if you read my blog you understand a few things.

  • I am not a medical doctor. I am under the care of my medical providers and I have to check in with them each week.
  • I am not giving advice. I am writing this for myself to track what I learn, what I try, what works for me and does not work for me.
  • I do better when I write about what I am learning. So I read a butt load of things, I watch videos, I listen to podcasts and I talk to people. So I have to write my thoughts down to retain what I have discovered. 
  • I at times write about things I love and I just write about things that I know from my own life and what I like to talk about. You will see that in my earlier blogs. 

Who am I? Well, I am Faith Spencer and I am a survivor, who is loving, thoughtful and a wild out of the box thinker. I am an artist and writer. I am a mother and an entrepreneur. I have earned many certificates and degrees. I have a Ph.D. in Business Marketing. That is why people call me Dr. Faith. I recently made changes my social pages and have taken that “DR” off my branding so that it is not misunderstood that I am an MD. I do not want people to think that my blogs or postings are medical they are my opinions or research. So I want to be sure there is not a problem with miss representing myself. 

Anyways I wanted to just go on record that this blog is for ME but I love that you read it and if you learn from it wonderful. 


What more would you like to know about me? 

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