Story of Faith

WHAT THE….. (self-care update)

Well, its that time! Time to put it out there and NO woman likes to put things like this out there but I know this keeps me accountable! SOOOOOOOOOOO!!! <covers eyes>

Here we go with the measurement stats, what I am doing, how I am doing and my self-care tips to stay positive.

This all started because my bowels were slowing down again and I was about to be blocked again and due to my adhesions my medical team told me that I would need to have a colotomy bag. I did not like that and so I asked if I could try to fix my own body with them all looking in on me and making sure that I was ok. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and felt that I could try to do things my way after doing things their way for over a year now!

I started at 200 lbs before my obstruction and surgery summer of 2019, I was working at that time to lose weight but had just moved from CA to NC very suddenly so life way all over the place. After the surgery I started to pack on the lbs and I was doing what the doctors told me to do! So I got up to 250 lbs and my waist was 47 inches around! NOT COOL! I had slowed down with the bowel movements to about nonexistent. The more pain my belly was in the less I wanted to do and add COVID mess on top of all this.

NOW I am doing things my way! I am not losing lbs fast but this is not a “diet” it is a way of life to save my life! I am not being dramatic at all, if my bowels rupture because they are obstructed again I will die. I am now 245 lbs, my waist is 41 inches, and I have lost inches in all parts of my body. I have a chart that I track progress with my medical doctors weekly. But, do you know the best part of all this? I am POOPING! I am having great bowel movements, they pass all the poop chart indications for healthy bowel movements. I have pain but it is no belly pain. (I have a bullet in my spine so I live in pain) I have energy again and I am happy!

What am I doing?

I am drinking water like lots and lots of water. I am taking supplements all kinds. I am blessed to sell Pure Encapsulations Supplements for my clients (well when I was practicing). I am eating a 1600 cal. CLEAN Paleo diet and I am doing 30 min of movement (elliptical). I did a low to no fiber eating for 2 weeks and got my system to open up again. Then I added things back in to see what would set my tummy off. I have added in a mineral to my water that I drink when I first wake up before I have anything else enter my body and it is wonderful.

What does my day look like?

6:00 am. Wake and do Meditation and Gratefulness and Read the Bible
7:00 am. Let Dog Out and Do Dog things
7:20 am. Get my SON up and Do his things
7:30 am. Bathroom Time for me
7:50 am. Get all of my waters in line. I fill up my Gallon water bottle, I make my mineral water and I get my warm “tea” Lemon, Honey and ACV (apple cyder vinegar) water set up. I get all of my supplements out and ready.
8:00 am. Drink the 16 oz. of mineral water. Then drink 8 oz. reg. water to get the taste out of my mouth. Then I get my water bottle my ACV “tea” and head to my desk.
8:20 am. Emails and Virtual Class for my Son. (I work on my book Joy in the Storm)
8:30 am. I eat Grits and take my supplements
9:00 am If I have gotten my water in and all is well I have BLACK COFFEE
we do school and work until 12:45
12:45 pm. LUNCH I love fresh veggies so I eat a bunch of Spinach salad or I will do tuna with green beans and beats noting on it just mixed in a bowl with my Trio Seed mix.
2:00 pm. School is over and I work more on my book and projects.
4:ish pm. Get my headset on and listen to a podcast while I do the elliptical for 30 min or now I am about to be able to do 45 min. I started out only able to do 5 min! So WOOHOO for me!
6:ish pm. Start on dinner and I cook organic meats for my son and fiancé. I eat fish or something I am on an organic turkey kick this week and love to take 3 spoons of it and make fun things. We eat and talk around the table no devices! We each share goods and not so goods about our day.
7: ish pm. Clean House, close up house and get things ready to rest.
8-8:30 pm. Family time we just hang out and chill.
8:30 pm. My Son goes to bed and so we have that whole shower, book, bed thing.
9:00 pm. WATER CHECK to see that I have gotten in all that I needed to get.
10:ish pm. My man is “out” I stay up read bible or watch my shows.
11:ish pm. I go to bed!

My self-care is how I start my day, how I take time mid day and I end my day!

IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO TAKE TIME FOR YOU! Many people say there is no time! MAKE TIME!

Tell me if you would like more details on anything. I am happy to open up more with you.

Also, tell me what you do to make time for you!

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