Feel Good, Story of Faith


Let’s be real: a health journey is not always linear and not always easy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and mucky. If you know me and you know my habits I have been on the rollercoaster of life. But, I have recently (back in October 2021) made the choice to not try to go for weight loss, not to try for new eating habits, but to go after WELLNESS!

After all, health is what my goal is. It is with health I will see changes in all areas of my life. I know now Small Actions Have a Big Impact. I have been working with a life coach and let me tell you, what an eye-opener. She is blunt and she cuts the bull & she has in the last 2 1/2 months changed how my brain thinks! This reset has given me a new enthusiasm for my journey to health and wellness.

Here are some of the new things that I am into and doing!

I have finished the audiobook “The High Five Habit” and I did the workshop she offers. Let me tell you Mel Robbins has made a big impact on my life. With this book and “The 5 Secon Rule” and then you add in all the things that I am learning from Coach Tulin..AMAZING

I am still going to it with the Hydration. Coach T had helped me with the mental resistance that I had with the water. She was able to incrementally increase my water and not just have me go from 0 – 1 gal of water like I had tried in the past. She also has me doing paper tracking and I hate to journal and I hate to write things down. BUT, I have been doing it and wouldn’t you know it – IT WORKS. She has said to me “If you don’t track it, you cannot measure it.” BOOM! True

I am not working on weight loss and I am not worried right now about the food. I was so focused on that and the gut health that I lost my mind and motivation. When I backed off and just had some messy action I was able to see wonderful results. I am not stressed out over things at this moment.

I have worked on my movement. Not my bowels as we all know that has been a big thing for me. But, with the stress reduction, the goal change to health, the water, the physical movement – I am having great movements. (lol) How have I changed my movement well…. I have begun this thing where I just wake up go pee and go outside to walk around for 5 min. Not a “walk” just to get air and move. I do it in the rain, in the dark, when I am sick – I just do it. HUGE IMPACT on the day.

I have joined the YMCA here and I have started to get cardio in and Aqua Fit classes 3 times a week. I have been working with resistance bands to build up the muscle. I have learned from my coach that even at 43 I can do what I choose to do with my body. I also have learned that it is my choice to just do it and there is no straight clean line to wellness. You have to take messy action and it will look like a ball of yarn but the results will be bitchen. I also learned that you burn more fat when you build muscle. So I am working to build that up with resistance bands so that in time I can move to the machines at the GYM.

Mental work is what I am blown away by as I look at this last year as a whole. I am not going into the new year thinking NEW ME. I am entering this year AS A NEW ME!

I leave you with this: Start with the things that seem small but make the most impact on your health. Identify five areas that will give you the biggest results for your efforts. Spoiler alert: none require silly supplements, tummy wraps, or popular diets such as Keto or Paleo.

  1. Get 7–8 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Manage stress and mental health.
  3. Start dialing in on your hydration.
  4. Increase your daily non-exercise activity. (Movement)
  5. Say postive “I am” statements to yourself in the mirror and then give yourself a High Five!

Incorporate Changes to Your Routine and Then Build on It

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