Feel Good, Story of Faith

How To Make Happiness A Priority In Your Life

It turns out there are very specific things you can do to experience more happiness in your life. So here are 10 keys to a happy life.

Story of Faith

Health Benefits of Dance

I want to talk to you about dance. I cannot do many forms of "exercise" due to my crazy body! But, I can dance. Well ok if you saw me you would get a great belly workout from laughing at my "dancing".  I started yesterday an actual 30-day dance challenge and I wanted to tell… Continue reading Health Benefits of Dance


Accidentally Amazing Cook

I have set out for 2020 to be my year of change and while each year I set goals, this is the year of experimenting for the greater good. As you might recall in my last blog I have a self improvement thing going and I am doing quite well with it. Turns out looking… Continue reading Accidentally Amazing Cook


This Is Why <3 I Will Marry You

I want to write this because my guy and I have had the marriage talk often. He knows I am scared to jump in. He is the last Unicorn if any of you read my blogs. So I feel like I want to let him know why I will say YES if he asked me.… Continue reading This Is Why ❤ I Will Marry You


Reduce Stress Instantly

Stress is, well, stressful. It’s not just the immediate heart pounding, palms sweating, stomach churning that are worrisome. Chronic stress is linked to serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Nipping stress in the bud can make you feel better right away and even help protect against future health issues. The next time you… Continue reading Reduce Stress Instantly