Feel Good

Spring Cleaning Your Life!

Is your life in need of some “spring cleaning?” Almost everyone has too much STUFF in their lives. Things we’ve bought but have never used, or things we used to love but haven’t used in years.

Story of Faith

Let’s talk Sh*t shall we? Oh Poop

Well, Poop has become the topic of many conversations that my fiancé and I have lately. Poor guy. You see the night I moved in with him is the exact night I ended up in the hospital for a bowel obstruction. This man has been so sweet to me and puts up with my need… Continue reading Let’s talk Sh*t shall we? Oh Poop

Story of Faith

My path to healing my GUT! (OH MY)

Here I am 42, mother of 4, engaged, mompreneur, writer and SICK. You can't look at me see that I am sick, but I am. I had a bowel blockage in 2019 from being shot in 2009 and well nothing has been right since.  I know that I have told you in my last blog… Continue reading My path to healing my GUT! (OH MY)


Back to school Emotions are real!

It’s that time of year again! You know the one I mean…the time of year when you can’t take two steps into a store before you are bombarded with backpacks, lunchboxes, and crayons galore. When the commercials flaunt ecstatic kids and parents frolicking through aisles filling shopping carts with more school supplies than could possibly… Continue reading Back to school Emotions are real!