Story of Faith

Post COVID – GUT HEALTH = Staying Healthy

Now that I have tested COVID-19 FREE, I realize that I am so glad that I was working on my gut health before I contracted it. I feel that all of the supplements and the clean body that I was building helped me to push it right through my system. I am doing these 6… Continue reading Post COVID – GUT HEALTH = Staying Healthy

Story of Faith


Just my luck, I start to get my gut health going in the right direction and wouldn't you know it I get sick. SUPER SICK the sick that my doctor wants me to come in and get tested. I never go anyplace, I homeschool my son and I do all my own stuff from my… Continue reading COVID TEST TODAY!

Story of Faith

WHAT THE….. (self-care update)

Well, its that time! Time to put it out there and NO woman likes to put things like this out there but I know this keeps me accountable! SOOOOOOOOOOO!!! <covers eyes> Here we go with the measurement stats, what I am doing, how I am doing and my self-care tips to stay positive. This all… Continue reading WHAT THE….. (self-care update)

Story of Faith

Jokes on me – Gut Health Struggles Continue

Hi, as many of you know my, name is Faith I, have abdominal adhesions and it sucks. I have spent years with abdominal issues but had bigger things to deal with so, this never was at the top of my list. But I am sure that it should have been.This weekend all was going good… Continue reading Jokes on me – Gut Health Struggles Continue

Story of Faith

Let the POOP happen – The proper way to POOP!

Having proper posture sure is tough and taking proper poops should be easy enough but we’ve grown accustomed to pushing, straining, and forcing out our stuff. Okay, enough poo-etry. Pooping is actually very scientific. It’s a combination of biology (our gut biome, intestinal tract, colon, etc.), physics (gravity), and ass-tronomy (get it?). Einstein pooped, Newton… Continue reading Let the POOP happen – The proper way to POOP!

Dr. Gundry Mail

Dr. Gundry Mail – It’s not really beef! (Read before eating)

If you know me you know I love this mans way of thinking and all the studies that he has done! I thought that I would share today's email with you. (and others I get and think you will like) WHY KEEP GREATNESS TO MYSELF!? Note: I cannot eat beef, but I love this and… Continue reading Dr. Gundry Mail – It’s not really beef! (Read before eating)

Story of Faith

PRE… PRO… BIOTICS what is the deal?

Probiotics and prebiotics are both pretty big topics in nutrition these days. Yet even though they sound similar, the two play different roles in your health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria, and prebiotics are food for these bacteria. We’ll explain what you need to know about the two. What are probiotics and prebiotics? Both prebiotics and… Continue reading PRE… PRO… BIOTICS what is the deal?


Snapping Back Better!

This year I wanted to dig deep and see myself clearly and work on me before I get married to the love of my life. I have looked at myself as a mother, author, sister, friend, child of God, my flaws and shortcomings. If you read my blog about this years goals I set out… Continue reading Snapping Back Better!