Benefits of Water Aerobics

It’s summer and it’s hot outside. A great way to cool off and get a good workout at the same time is to jump in a pool! Any time of year, exercising in the water is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water aerobics may make you initially… Continue reading Benefits of Water Aerobics

Story of Faith

Movement Affects Our Moods

Exercise can be a great way to lift your mood, and improve your ability to deal with stress. Dancing can be a great addition for those who are just getting back into exercise and well movement. Did you know that dancing around can improve spatial awareness, as well as raising the heart rate and causing… Continue reading Movement Affects Our Moods

Dr. Gundry Mail

Dr. Gundry Mail – It’s not really beef! (Read before eating)

If you know me you know I love this mans way of thinking and all the studies that he has done! I thought that I would share today's email with you. (and others I get and think you will like) WHY KEEP GREATNESS TO MYSELF!? Note: I cannot eat beef, but I love this and… Continue reading Dr. Gundry Mail – It’s not really beef! (Read before eating)


Accidentally Amazing Cook

I have set out for 2020 to be my year of change and while each year I set goals, this is the year of experimenting for the greater good. As you might recall in my last blog I have a self improvement thing going and I am doing quite well with it. Turns out looking… Continue reading Accidentally Amazing Cook