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Do You CRY During a Workout?

I am not this new part of my journey – fitness. You might have some big idea on fitness and for me, it is just getting my body up and moving. I have found a program that is so perfect for what my limitations are it’s great. But I seem to be crying while I am working out. 

Here is the million-dollar question!

Have you ever worked so hard while working out that you burst into tears? Yeah, same. It’s not just one isolated event, either. Every time I seem to let myself just get so deep and lost in Body Groove I seem to cry. 

Today I was going inside while floating around my living room. We had just done the big fun part of the DAY 4 Body Groove workout and I now was in the cool down. I felt like I was a Phoenix Rising. I moved my arms and just let the tears come. It was bittersweet. Even now as I type thinking about how free I was I cry! So I wanted to talk about how normal this is. 

Crying is ok! A workout that makes you cry can serve as a healthy way to unload stress, process deep emotions, and emerge more balanced and self-aware.

The simple act of getting your heart pumping and pushing physical boundaries can have profound effects on your mental well-being. If you want to tap into the emotionally cleansing potential of your next workout, consider the following:

Push Your Physical Limits 

Each day I set a goal to push myself. Not to hurt me but to get things moving and keep moving. So today it was “I am going to bounce off the ground a bit. Lift my feet and knees.” You know what I did it! 

Quiet the Mind and Uncover What’s Buried

Today when I tapped into my inner self, I was able to feel my connection to my emotional, spiritual and physical. They were all alive again. The bullet did not take everything from me! I have found a way to move. 

Body Groove also sends me daily emails to keep me digging deep. So this is not just a body journey now it is a full mind, body, soul journey. 

Silence the Voice That Says “I Can’t”

I am only on day 4 of this, but I have to wakeup walk like I am 100 years old and push past the “I Can’t” and show up and know that ” I CAN & I DO”. Despite my lack of dance capability I have to do it, that I’m often crying by the end—and I love it! It’s a celebration of what I’m capable of doing, conquering my own fears, and silencing the voice in my head that tells me I can’t.

So here is why this happens:

Crying may be more common in an exercise that increases awareness, like yoga or martial arts or for me it’s Body Groove. While we often try to dissociate from our bodies while we work out—we crank our music or absorb technology as we tune out physical discomfort—mindful exercise allows us to tune into our bodies. Our bodies can hold tension and negative emotions that can be released during physical activity. High-intensity exercise can also open the flood gates. When we’re exhausted, our emotional brain is less inhibited, which implies it’s easier for us to burst out in tears.

The key is to accept the emotions. We don’t want to judge emotions. Emotions are just part of us and aren’t right or wrong.

Has this ever happened to you? Let me know. 

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