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Doctors Orders – Sh*t got real!

Here we go! Yes, I am still in pain even after the surgery I had summer 2019. I think that the blockage mess is coming back. I have put off going to the doctors because I don’t want to get COVID or the FLU or BUGS that others leave behind! (Sorry it’s the truth.) 

If you know me you know that I am not a fan of doctors’ offices after the shooting. But, I have to tell you that I am in love with being able to zoom with my medical team. I love that I no longer have to sit in the office or risk getting sick while I wait for them to see me for just 5 min. To me, it is beyond nuts to spend 1 hour of my day for a doctor’s appointment when only 5 min of the 60 is with the doctor.

***If you keep reading things will get real and I will get detailed!***

About 3 weeks ago I had a reality check from my doctor. It was that I need to change life or I would need to get a colostomy bag. I had not had a bowel movement in 9 days and things were not looking good for me. I needed to poop and I needed to poop soon. I had been trying all kinds of things over those 9 days. I will not list them to you because we would be here all day. BUT ANY NORMAL SYSTEM WOULD HAVE MOVED! Mine did not. So here I am on the zoom call talking crap with my doctor and he finally tells me look tomorrow is POOP DAY or we need to have you go to the hospital for testing and for a medical enema. He tells me how that due to the shooting and the damage to my intestinal tract I have adhesions and that is what slows me down. He also told me that I needed to eat better than I was and that I needed to chew food 20 times now not just 10. 

So that night I do an at-home enema and in the morning I have a small movement but a movement none the less. So we zoom again. The doctor tells me that I now need to do the following to help my system:

  • Liquids for 2 of the 3 meals. 
  • Soft real soft snacks.
  • NO BEEF or PORK.
  • NO dairy after 5 pm.
  • NO heavy carbs. 
  • NO nuts.
  • NO fast foods.
  • NO soda.
  • Back away from processed foods
  • Back away from sweets
  • 21 – 8 oz glasses of water a day.
  • 1 – 8 oz coffee with limited additions to it per day.
  • 1600 Calories total for the day.
  • Take Vitamins (gave me a list)

OK, So I cried a bit. To be honest it was the coffee with additions that got me. I love me some creamer. I love French vanilla creamer. I have no real problem with calories as my problem is more with eating. I love coffee and can drink it all day. 

Here I am looking at him with tears in my eyes and the poor guy is like “Ms. Spencer, I am sorry. But, it’s better than surgery!” 

I just looked up at him and rudely said “NO KIDDING.” Poor guy. 

So here I was sitting at my desk with this list of notes and thinking how in the world am I going to live this way and feed my son and my sweet man. 

Well, we all have to change because mama has to change. I mean that is just it. We can all do better. 

The zoom call continues. He tells me about this product his wife stands behind, it’s over the counter and I will have to pay for it on my own. But it will help me with my movements and it will help me with my energy. He tells me about it and I am like “Oh, I have a friend that sells that stuff.” I reach out to her on Facebook and I let her know that I have all this going on. I have apprehensions about all this as it is a weight loss thing more than a make you poop thing. So I talk with her more and more, I get what the doctor said to get and what she agreed with. 

What is it? OK, so he told me to try “itWorks products”. Cindy got me all set up and I have been on the products for a week now. In fact, today was the one-week checking point with the doctor. I have been tracking water consumption, foods I eat, calories I consume, if I get exercise and if I poop or not. The results are great. NOT AMAZING but they are great. 

Here is the thing I was 250 lbs. last week. I am now 246 lbs. I have lost about an inch from everyplace. (Neck, arms, chest, tummy, kangaroo pouch area, hips, and thighs.) I am not drinking 21 glasses of water yet but I am doing 5-7 16 oz glasses of water. I am having my fiber in my water 3 times a day. I am drinking protein drinks and now instead of coffee, I have SKINY BREW from itWORKS with vanilla Almond milk. So coffee just went from 500 calories to like 35! I take the ThermoFIGHT XX with my lunch and I started all this off with the 2 day Cleanse. SO GREAT RIGHT! YES!

Listen I don’t get paid for telling you this. I have no affiliation with itWorks so this is just me telling you my story and about what I am doing. Here is the reality, I have links to the products for my friend Cindy because I want you all to be able to chat with her and get healthy too. 

I am not using the products for anything more than to keep the poop moving. I am not their ideal spokesperson I am sure. 

I also want to point out that I am liquid food for 2 meals and that is more of the journey we will go on as time passes. I want to share hit and misses on things I try to drink or low-calorie things I make. 

I just really need a way to document this. I also will talk about topics that I am dealing with. 

  • Son was just diagnosed with Aspergers.
  • Newly engaged and not feeling sexy. 
  • My process of buying Life insurance. (Need to do that)
  • Daily BS that happens to me. 

This is an all-new “Dr. Faith” as I am now the patient. So let’s just see where this goes. 

Here are products that I think are the SHIT – ha ha ok that keep me moving!

(Click Image to see in my Amazon Store)

More to come…

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